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Floor Services

Floors Make a First Impression. One of the first things people notice when they enter a room is the condition of the floor. Floors make a big impression on the professional image of your business.

DCS places great emphasis on the quality of our floor care, from carpet cleaning to providing a high gloss shine to hard floor surfaces. We can enhance your floors by providing the best cleaning equipment, techniques and products.

Floor Maintenance

Daily Maintenance- daily sweeping and cleaning is the most important part of floor care maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance- is a procedure to remove surface imperfections that may not be done on a daily basis. This will also produce a high gloss shine.

Interim Maintenance- this procedure is done to level out the wax build-up on the floor. The floor is recoated so that a base coat may be applied.

Restorative Maintenance- to even out floor appearance. The floor usually shows traffic lane wear, heavy soiling, and heavy build-up along the edges. Restorative maintenance is done yearly or when Interim does not leave the floor to standard level.


Supply Training

Dee's Cleaning Service carries a commercial line of P&G cleaning products and supplies. There is also training support for your employees. Call today for additional information.

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